Wednesday, May 22, 2024

For almost 20 years, the CMP Group of Companies has become synonymous with quality manufacturing, cutting-edge innovation and leading business practices.

Starting off as a plastic components manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, CMP has added a range of diverse manufacturing solutions to its stable of service offerings.

With the continuously evolving manufacturing landscape in Australia and around the globe, CMP has developed into a company globally recognised for its economical manufacturing solutions. Employing over 400 people and with operations across the globe, spanning from manufacturing, logistics, and property development, CMP is truly a diverse company, dedicated to providing the very best products and solutions for all our customers.

In 2013, CMP acquired Austrian based Tridonic Manufacturing in Australia, to form CMP Controls. A wholly owned subsidiary of the CMP Group of companies. In 2014 and 2015, CMP also acquired Tridonic’s Fuerstenfeld plant in Austria and Tridonic New Zealand.