Thursday, July 18, 2024

Manufacturing & Industrial

A leading manufacturer of industrial components and services.

CMP Industrial Solutions

A subsidiary of the CMP Group of companies, CMP Solutions, which incorporates Custom Mould Plastics (CMP), as well as CMP Industrial, is a diversified Australian manufacturing company, headquartered in Tullamarine, Victoria.

A leading manufacturer of innovative plastic components, as well as, industrial solutions, CMP offers a dynamic capacity for industrial manufacturing, supplying a global network of companies, enterprises and government bodies with quality accredited products and services, including custom injection moulding, 3D Printing, Engineering and Metal Stamping.

Products and Services

Learn more about CMP Industrial Solutions and innovative plastic components

Our quality management system, ensures we deliver:

  • Customer satisfaction is met, through the effective application of our system.
  • Constantly manufacturing products that meet market requirements.
  • We adopt a process for continual improvement in production manufacturing and processing.

Some of the industries we currently supply:

Automotive • Clean energy • Electrical • Government • Packaging • Pharmaceuticals • Medical • Cosmetics • Agricultural • Mining


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