Improvements in the lighting technology have allowed efforts toward greater luminous efficiency to be developed into smart solutions.

1. Wireless Connectivity

Connected lighting is the latest trend which has the potential to revolutionize a usual home into a smart one. It is the idea of having control over luminaires with dimmers, sensors and wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Internet.

2. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things’ speed of development has improved rapidly. In a little while, DALI-based communication in smart lighting systems has been comprehensively in the mainstream. DALI (Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface) products enabled control of lights using devices, such as smart phones and tablets. DALI is flexible and user-friendly as it supports a variety of smart bulbs and lighting brands.

3. High Quality

Everything in lighting is starting to change radically; therefore, it is important to ensure that quality is not compromised. Lighting technology should promise improvements in efficiency of luminaires and potential benefits like energy saving, high efficacy, and improved life-span.

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Written by Kim Orquiola

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