It is beyond doubt that light illuminates every aspect of the way we live.

Light empowers people. And people give power to lighting solutions that bring endless possibilities in the breeding ground for innovation.

There has been a prevalent belief that LED technology is the future of innovative lighting. With the advancement of the technology, the use of LED seems to improve the livability and effectiveness of environments as it provides efficient light to work, and even relax. Thus many lighting companies proved that good LED lighting in our homes and buildings can also mean inspirational places for dining, shopping and learning. They developed ways to bring LED lighting to advanced degrees of sustainability.

What’s missing is the emphasis on the performance of these lighting components. It is relevant in the development of products to re-think its gears.

Can we actually offer a state-of-the-art view of lighting technology that can inspire you to redefine what is considered to be the future of innovative lighting?

With our experience and expertise in the field, our innovative drive is to continuously pursue sustainable growth across all our targeted sectors as we bring our innovations to their future products.

Our eLED STREET is perhaps the leading example of this– a comprehensive approach to both indoor and outdoor applications fulfilled with high optical efficiency and high performance light distribution.


Ideal applications for eLED STREET include shopping areas, urban and residential environments, parking and garage, outdoor ornamental and architectural, street and industrial lighting.

It is dimmable and guaranteed with long lifetime and anti-reverse polarity protection.

Features available include:

    • Index and Degree of Protection of IP20,
    • Maximum current 1.400mA,
    • Colour tolerance: 3 MacAdam’s ellipses – 3SDC,
    • Optic Material PMMA,
    • Push wire connection, and
    • Connector which allows connection and disconnection.

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Written by Kim Orquiola

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