A thing to keep in mind is that possibilities are endless with smart lighting.

When making these light purchases, we normally consider a few things about quality, such as what color will be more energizing, or how bright it will be and how long it will last. But with the Internet of Things (IoT), lighting innovations became even more challenging.

The goal has always been to focus on improving the lives of users for smarter living and working. For this reason, IoT has been a significant part of our lives as it makes our day-to-day concerns simpler. It also gives us the opportunity to be productive in the way we do things, and most importantly, cost-effective in the process. That’s precisely why we’re committed to simplifying the process for you with our eBLUE ‘Switch to Smart’ Trailing Edge Bluetooth. It is a smart wireless trailing edge dimmer, enabled by IoT that can be controlled via Bluetooth. It gives you flexibility by having control and automation of your lights.

eBLUE ‘Switch to Smart’ Trailing Edge Bluetooth

User(s) can monitor it remotely using smart devices. They will be able to control the colour temperature and light of the room through an intuitive and visual application, Casambi. For more convenient use, simply take pictures of the room and add lighting control in it. Configuring, saving, and recalling scenes are also good means because they can be scheduled. More than that, one can also set up timers to turn on and off scenes at predetermined times, considering sunrise and sunset.

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Written by Kim Orquiola

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