Melbourne, Australia, 1 July 2015. CMP Controls, the Australian manufacturer of lighting, power control components, injection mouldings and enamelled magnet wire is pleased to announce its increased manufacturing capabilities through the acquisition of Tridonic in New Zealand, which was completed today.

Under the terms of the concluded sales agreement, CMP Controls Pty Ltd has acquired the shares of Tridonic New Zealand Ltd in Auckland, including the production site, which manufactures a diverse range of specialized high wattage power control systems and components.

CMP Controls, a subsidiary of the CMP Group of companies, will continue its long-term supply partnership with Tridonic and has assured customers that the production and sale of Magnetic Lighting Control Equipment, including high wattage reactors, constant wattage control gear, lighting components and industrial ferromagnetics will continue under the CMP brand, with only the company name changing from Tridonic New Zealand to CMP New Zealand.

Tridonic CEO Alfred Felder is pleased with the outcome of the New Zealand acquisition.

“It is a great relief to us that CMP will continue the production in the interest of the customers and also made a special effort to keep the majority of the 39 people employed at the production site,” says Tridonic CEO Alfred Felder.

As part of its overall strategy to increase manufacturing capabilities in key markets of growth, the CMP Group in recent years has successfully executed a number of strategic acquisitions, which has seen the CMP Group acquire manufacturing plants in Australia, Europe and now New Zealand.

“The acquisition of the Tridonic manufacturing operations in New Zealand was a key component in the CMP Group’s strategy,” Vic Andonovski, Managing Director of the CMP Group announced. “We are delighted to increase our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to offer complete solutions to our customers.”

About CMP

The trusted brand in reliable lighting and power control systems, CMP Controls is a subsidiary of the CMP Group of companies – a leading global manufacturer and provider of industrial components for a variety of industry sectors.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the company brings together a vast network of integrated manufacturing divisions, which include specialty in lighting controls and components, injection molded plastics, packaging, logistics, tool making, engineering, copper and aluminum enameled winding wire, steel, 3d printing and additive manufacturing.

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