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DBE 118/57-TC-DALI 1×18/57W

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DALI dimmable electronic ballast 
~ Dimming control by DALI interface. 
~ Manual dimming by standard normally open switches. 
~ Regulation range 3…100%. 
~ Class I ballast for built-in use. 
~ Ignition with preheating in cathodes within 0,6 sec. for a long lamp, without flashes or flickering. 
~ High frequency operation. High energy frequency. 
~ Very low standby consumption: approximately 0.2W. 
~ Corrected stroboscopic effect. 
~ Cut Off technology. 
~ Same luminous flux with AC or DC supply voltage. 
~ Permitted input voltage DC/AC198-264V. 
~ Rapid connection connector with fixed spring. Circular conductor section: 0.5-1.5 mm2 . 
~ Anti-reverse polarity protection. 
~ Suitable for use in emergency lighting systems according to EN 50172/DIN VDE. 
~ Life of 100.000 hours at allowed Tc.

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