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eDEC DI-135-20-TR

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ELT eDEC DI-135-20-TR
Aluminium profile for LED strips
~ SUP: Aluminium profile with 20 mm section for surface installation.
~ SUP IP: Aluminium profile which allows inserting 12 mm LED strips including IP65 eLED Vectra strips.
~ EMP: Aluminium profile with 18 mm section for recessed installation.
~ EMP PROF: Aluminium profile with 18 mm depth for recessed installation. LEDs spots are not visible with white cover.
~ RIN: Standard aluminium profile with 16/20 mm section for corner installation. Light beam angle is 30°-60° depending on installation position.
~ RIN 45: Aluminium profile for corner installation. Light beam angle is 45°.
~ Fixing:
With installation profile FIJ.
Direct (screwed or stuck).
With optional accessories.
~ Standard length: 2000 mm.
~ eDEC DI-135-20: Lateral insertion.

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