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Cooper Bussmann 32A Rail Mount Fuse Holder 32NNSF

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The 32NNSF is a SAFELOC 32A 550VAC/DC cartridge HRC Fuse Holder with glass filled, high impact resistant thermoplastic polyester, bolt down holder terminals. It features an unique side/snap action carrier which eliminates the need for fuse carrier contacts. This provides positive, stress free fitting of fuse links and locks the fuse link in position ensuring safe insertion and withdrawal from the base.
The resulting direct contact between fuse link blades and the plated base contacts provides lower watts loss and increased reliability. The base contacts are fully shrouded to protect personnel from direct contact electric shock. They are semi-captive within the base, reducing the risk of loss during cabling. Designed for use with offset blade tag fuse links. Suitable for either bolted panel or DIN rail mounting.
  • 16mm Maximum cable
  • NSD fuse link type
  • Black colour
Fuse Current: 32A

Voltage Rating V AC: 550V

Voltage Rating V DC: 550V

Fuse Holder Type: Cartridge Fuse Holder

No. of Fuses: 1

Holder Terminals: Bolt Down

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