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iLC PRO 75/200…1400-XR 75W 200-1400mA

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ELT iLC PRO 75/200…1400-XR
Full PROGRAMMABLE constant current control gear for LED modules up to 75W
Street lighting applications
~ Full Programmable electrical parameters and functionalities: AOC (Adjustable Output Current), MTP (Module Temperature Protection), CLO (Constant Lumen Output), EOL (End Of Life module alarm), PST (Programmable Start-up Time).
~ Interfaces: DALI, 0-10V, 1-10V, ActiDIM, ActiDIM + Parking, MainsDIM and LineSwitch.
~ Compatible version with STELARIAÎÈ Remote Wireless Street Lighting CMS available.
~ Built-in-use control gear, protection index IP20.
~ Output constant current allowed: 70 … 1400mA. ~ Maximum output power: 75W.
~ Output ripple current (ORC) <5%.
~ Permitted input voltage AC: 162 … 305V.
~ Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD @230Vac, 75W) <8%.
~ Dimming range: 100% down to 5% (minimum output current = 70mA).
~ Protection against short circuit, overload and no load operation.
~ Control gear thermal protection.
~ External LED module thermal protection connector.
~ Mains surge protection integrated:
~ Differential mode: 6kV / 3kA (L-N).
~ Common mode: 8kV (L/N-Earth).
~ Lifetime up to 100.000h*.
~ Electronic circuit fully protected against humidity.
~ High quality light without flickering.
~ Low Stand-by power consumption: < 0,5W.

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