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Home Electrical Component Sleeving Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving (UL) Variety of sizes -30m Reel

Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving (UL) Variety of sizes -30m Reel


The fiberglass is coated with a silicone resin, the thermal treatment and the special resins used for this item give the material a very goods softness and elasticity, excellent high temperature resistance and good dielectric strength.

Application: Electromechanical industry, motors, transformers, generators, lighting industry, automotive. 


• Temperature class: C

• Continuous working temperature: from -60ՂÕ_ÕÔë£ÕÔÕ£ to +250ՂÕ_ÕÔë£ÕÔÕ£

• Dielectric strength: 7KV

• Flammability: self-extinguishing

• Good mechanical resistance

• Good resistance to UV

• Very flexible, watertight

Diameter: Choose between 0.5mm to 40mm 

Diameter Tolerance:

0.5—–1.5mm (+0.2/-0), 2.0—–4.0mm (+0.3/-0), 5.0—–6.0mm (+0.4/-0), 7.0—–8.0mm (+0.5/-0), 10.0—12.0mm(+0.7/-0), 14.0—15.0mm(+0.8/-0), 16.0—25.0mm(+1.0/-0), 27.0—35.0mm(+1.5/-0)

Colour: Black, red, blue

Standard Package: 30 m 

UL File No.: E345432

Additional information

Weight 10 kg