Magnetic ballasts are still the ballast of choice in a lot of lighting systems, simply because they last longer and the environmental benefits of using them are quite evident.

According to a fact sheet from the Sustainability in Stonnington website, at normal voltage a good magnetic ballast consumes only 3 watts more than an electronic ballast. The lower the voltage the more efficient a magnetic ballast becomes, especially the modern ones.

Class B1 or B2 magnetic ballasts could even beat electronic ballasts in terms of efficiency as it can consume less power when driven at 210 volts than the same electronic ballast and produce only 2.7% less light per watt. This means the magnetic ballast would consume less power for a tiny loss of light.

A low-loss magnetic ballast with voltage reduction can also achieve similar or greater lumens than an electronic ballast. Even the old and inefficient magnetic ballasts produce only 2% and 5% less lumens/watt than an electronic ballast when driven at low voltages while consuming 10 % less power, according to the report.

Probably one of the best features you can derive from a magnetic ballast is its recyclability. The iron and copper inside a magnetic ballast is readily and easily recyclable and theoretically, there is no limit to the number of times a magnetic ballast can be recycled.

Electronic ballasts however are almost worthless after use. In Australia, most electronic ballasts end up in landfills while some are burnt in high temperature incinerators and the pollutants are released into the atmosphere, where they could even impact our food chain.

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